The Peacekeeper is a 1997 Canadian-American action film directed by Frédéric Forestier, and starring Dolph Lundgren, Michael Sarrazin, Montel Williams, and Roy Scheider. The film follows U.S. Air Force Major Frank Cross, who is the only man who can prevent the president being assassinated. He must also prevent an impending nuclear holocaust. The threat is from a terrorist group, which has stolen the President's personal communications computer; it has the capability of launching the U.S. arsenal.
The Movies,Televisionand Politics mess.
Anthony Cross, born March 28th 1979.
Born, Anthony Cross in the town of Beverly, on the day of the three mile island disaster Another word, “accident.”.
Maybe I was and maybe I wasn’t.  Dents, valleys and hills.
1997. I was then 18 years old. With my family history other things expected of me  A career path I would take laid out for me.  Without telling me why, just if I liked the sound of it.
President Jimmy Carter the day I was born.
Not till much later into my adult life could I speak fluent hieroflyphical language.  I was juststarting to learn sailing and diving.  She was right.  It was a fire hazard.
A longer journey than the Voyager crew may have thought.
i didn’t join the navy.  Looking back I think that is what some might have expected.  Nor the airforce. Ialways didi like my feet on the ground.  I did try flying around the same time. I knew how to fly from cimputer simulators  as a child.and even learned how to pilot a space shuttle in a simulator.  Simulators they were.  Why not.  <ost Mars missions done by robots.  I did try a flight in a glider and had an uncle with a pilot’s license.  The one day of flying was enough for me.  Howerer my pilot skills come in useful later in life and recommend the experience. and knowledge. At my 18 birthday, my parents thought I would like a career choice as a birthday present and had found a scuba diving course in the local newspaper.  From open water diver to assistant instructor.  I think my mother liked the sound of it compared to working at the fish factory as.  Learning to dive was not the military but rather sport diving for recreation and myself teaching purposes.  Being a teacher meant I would need an advanced knowledge.  Students will ask questions on all sorts of things outside of the curriculum. For my students’ safety I was happy to get extra knowledge and learned sailing and powerboating.  Before I learned sailing and powerboating it seemed y career path of diving would have an effect on others. An effect I know call the bloody hand. 
I guess I was brought up with a sense of responsibility ather than cavalier.  That sense of responsibility, not just what I was raised with but compinded on from becoming a rescue diver teacher would add to that sense and feel like a life pulled in many directions.  Things which I already knew the disaster if they were not solved.That same sense and my own upbringing meant others far more deserving of my time.
Besidds, Jackie Chan was doing a good job of getting the message through.  Sort of. Really proves the point there.
TThat sense of responsibility would take my life on very odd turns.  That same stupidity of others around my life when i was 18 would turn out to haunt a world.
It wasn’t Tony Blair.  He already did a runner by that time. Lucky too because There was a lot to fix because of the above.
There my political life started. In an odd way like I was born and out of the place I was born and grew up around.
How that came about was something that Tony Blair did say though.  It wasn’t about environment issues and rewcue work.  Something else plagued the world and that was of terrorism.  For a while I had taken some time out of my scuba diving life. Some time to rest from all those diving weights and hauling air tanks around on my back with all the extra weights.  So, a security gard job seemed nice exercise to keep my diving fros legs in shape while resting the weight off my back.
DA photo from my diving days. iving gear can be heavy but to a person constantly diving not so much because body gets used to it more.  As an instructor, never quite gets used to hauling around everybody else’s gear too at the end of the day.
My time as a security guard took an odd turn.  The first day of the Iraq war.  Tony Blair’s war crimes. TThere is an old saying, that the first casualty of war is the truth.  That day I was not a casualty in the physical sense.  Far from it.  I came out of the first day of the war in perfect health. The events of that day stuck with me and I purposefully carried them with me.  I was in search of answers of why. The first day of the war an event not many heard of because I was good at my job even if others hadn’t been.
I have never suffered fools well because of that sense of responsibility and nor did I the first day of the Iraq War.  It turns out they were those I chased offmy security beat that day. Nor could I speak hieroglyphical back then.
I did my job that day and reported what happened to my boss like I was supposed to. My boss at the time was an ex-special forces turned security guard manager.  The company already had plans for my dismissal.  At such I told them what happened and he told me his training and asked who the hell I was nd I told him my training.  His hand started to shake. He realised a chance to stop terrorists had been messed up by others lack of responsibility but not mine. I was the one getting fired for doing exactly what I was supposed to be doing and that was protecting my beat. That was grounds for unfair dismissal which I think unnerved them even more. It would unnerve him even more if he knew the others facts.
As Tony Blair was leaving Downing street after his tenure, He left saying anybody with any knowledge of terrorism events should report it other it may be looked upon as treason.  Well, I had already reported it but from the reactions of the security company I had worked for I thought to be better safe than sorry with words like that.  So, I set off for Lindon to carry the news persoanlly along with all the other things that had happened to me because of it. Upon reaching Parliament I stopped.  I didn’t really trust the politicians.  My grandfather on my dad’s side was a military man. He was there at the time of the birth of the SAS from the previously known title of underwater demolition teams.  With that upbringing from a military person and what Tony Blair had said of treason, and seeing as I was in London, who better to trust than a palace guard. They take their honour very seriously. The guards at the palace were all behind the fence.  I probably should have gone to horseguards looking back at it, but as I walked around the palace looking for a guard the public side of the fence there was a police box.  A police palace guard.  Perfect.  So, I thought.  Not the military ,inds of the horseguards and more a security guard mentality like I once was.  He didn’t take what I had to say that seriously even though it was primeminsterial orders but he did do his job and took a letter that I wrote and held it up to the security camera for security purposes and with that my taks was done and I was very thankful to him.  There it was I had reported in and it was stored on the palace security ssytem.  My service to the crown done and the issue of treason if I didn’t report in gone  Wheher my old bosses had done or not themselves was then up to them.  I had made sure my part was complete.  Also I was a little glad avoided politics and spoke to somebody indepdent of politics.  At least I thought I had avoided politics.
A long time later all the story and many others like those above would all come together.
The honour of the the man called “bread bun”
The other “bumps” in the road.  Like those ones.
Other bumps in the road.
Oh, dear?
With that admit to hacking and ate the cheese I left in the rat trap. I grew up hunting ratss.  I know the fisherman and the ratcacthers.  Milehunters too.  So th the whole news hacking scandal and how Levson was hijacked by celebrities all starts to make better sense and why in the schemeres of politics and the ideolody of Nazisms and the “Big lie” and that of fascisms and feminazis.  Interesting bait,
The news of the day at the time this was posted online.
The political machine already trying to cover it’s tracks and make stupid excuses.
Those that owe a seriosu apology.