Liz Truss. LOOK OUT THAT WINDOW AND TELL ME WHAT YOU SEE. LOOK AGAIN. WHAT DID YOU SEE? Logo.svg/1200px-Xe-Logo.svg.png LOST? LOOK OUT THAT WINDOW AND TELL ME WHAT YOU SEE. LOOK AGAIN. In his Histories, Herodotus describes the Tauri as living "by plundering and war". They became famous for their worship of a virgin goddess, to whom they sacrificed shipwrecked travellers and waylaid Greeks.[3] He makes a point of them living in Scythia geographically without themselves being Scythians.[4] In Geographica, Strabo refers to the Tauri as a Scythian tribe.[5] The Greeks identified the Tauric goddess with Artemis Tauropolos or with Iphigeneia, daughter of Agamemnon. The Tauric custom of human sacrifice inspired the Greek legends of Iphigeneia and Orestes, recounted in Iphigeneia in Tauris by the playwright Euripides.[citation needed] The original Greek title given by Euripides literally means Iphigeneia among the taurians. Such a place as "Tauris" does not exist. sentenced.html hunt-shocked.jpg?resize=480:* hunt-shocked.jpg?resize=480:* sexual-illegal-ban-a9624846.html content/uploads/2018/06/NINTCHDBPICT000415008051.jpg chancellor-as-kwasi-kwarteng-is-dramatically-sacked/ sentenced.html 001_U.S._Navy_divers_assigned_to_the_rescue_and_salvage_ship_USS_Safeguard_( ARS_50)_prepare_to_dive.jpg content/uploads/2018/06/NINTCHDBPICT000415008051.jpg chancellor-as-kwasi-kwarteng-is-dramatically-sacked/ hunt-shocked.jpg?resize=480:* 30441126-600-803.jpg a-14_1510317581498.jpg hunt-shocked.jpg?resize=480:*